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Hardin-Houston Elementary School

Principal: Sara Roseberry

5300 Houston Rd
Houston, OH 45333
Phone: (937) 295-3010
Fax: (937) 295-3737
Grades: K-6
State Rating: Excellent
School Hours:
Building Open: 7:54 AM
Tardy Bell: 8:00 AM
Dismissal: 2:54 PM
School Colors: Red & White
School Mascot: Wildcat


A Message from the Principal 

Welcome to Hardin-Houston Elementary! This will be our fifth year in our new K-12 building, and we have settled into a nice routine. While this should be a fairly comfortable year because there are not a lot of changes, there are a few new initiatives and/or changes you may want to keep in mind.

Because of the building schedule, we have had to switch our recess back to after lunch rather than before lunch. This is an unfortunate change because we saw excellent results with our children playing before eating in regards to better nutritional habits, fewer nurse visits, and a more positive atmosphere on the playground. As with everything, however, there are some positives with the alternative. One is that slower eaters may have longer to eat and another is that the transition in the hallways can be better monitored.

A positive change this year will be state testing. Ohio has decided to switch testing companies from PARCC to AIR. These will still be computerized tests, but the tests will be developed strictly for Ohio, and the amount of time spent testing will be dramatically smaller. The testing window is from April 4-May 13, and I will get specific testing dates to you fairly soon. The kindergarteners will still be taking the KRA (kindergarten readiness assessment), but the time frame is now from August-November, so teachers will have a little more time to get to know their students in the beginning of the year.

As part of a Positive Behavior initiative, our students will be “CATS” (courteous, ambitious, trustworthy students). Instead of our Wildcat Walkup, students can earn an opportunity to participate in a special activity each quarter through academics and behavior. We want to focus on the positives and hopefully decrease the negative behaviors in the process.

We have a new gifted intervention specialist who will work with our gifted students in the building every Monday and through distance learning. We are working on a plan to have enrichment activities for our gifted students after school as well.

Finally, a district-wide initiative involves the RTI (response to intervention) process. The purpose of this initiative is to improve the performance of the lowest 20% in the district. Students who are struggling can expect to receive targeted interventions with improved follow through, and parents can receive feedback of the students’ progress.

We all look forward to the 2015-2016 school year. It will be a great one!

2015-2016 Hardin-Houston Elementary School Building Goals
  • In an effort to improve achievement of students in the lowest 20%, a Response to Intervention Model will be implemented.  Targeted interventions will be used, progress will be monitored, documentation will be kept, and adjustments will be made accordingly every 6-8 weeks.
  • Hardin-Houston Elementary staff will successfully implement balanced literacy and the mathematical practices at all grade levels.  Designed checklists will be used during walkthroughs to monitor progress.
  • Hardin Houston elementary will host two parent literacy nights to increase parent involvement in the literacy achievement of students.



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