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Hardin-Houston Athletic Complex Committee


Mission Statement
For more information contact the Houston Athletic Complex Committee
The mission of the Hardin-Houston Athletic Complex Committee is to raise funds through private and corporate donations to provide safe, modern athletic facilities. In doing so, we will:
  • Enrich our children’s academic experience
  • Provide an opportunity to learn fundamental life lessons through athletic competition
  • Plant the seed for a prosperous economic future for the Hardin-Houston community



Dan Mayse
Phone: (937) 492-8269

Bill McKinney
Phone: (937) 492-0890
Nate Stephenson
Phone: (937) 493-0542
Steve Mowery
Phone: (937) 492-6879
Michelle Foster
Phone: (937) 498-0332
Jeff Kunk
Phone: (937) 295-3915


Estimated Costs for Houston Outdoor Athletic Complex
Varsity Softball Field
Fence, backstop, dugouts, seeding
Practice Fields
Field #1 - Enclosed
Field #2 - Backstop and baseline fencing
Field #3 - Backstop only
Restroom, Concession, and Storage Building
Water Service and Sanitary Sewer
Stadium Lighting
Stadium Bleachers
BOE Funded
*The above estimates were provided by Freytag & Associates.

How To Get Involved & Donate
You may pick up a brochure at Houston High School or Hardin Elementary School. You may also pick up a brochure at any Houston home game or print the brochure using the link below. Also, there is a more printer-friendly pledge card. Click on the "Pledge Card" link below to print the pledge card. If you have any questions, you may contact a member of the Houston Athletic Complex Committee. Your enthusiasm and generosity are appreciated.
In-Kind Donations of Time and Materials
The success of this project will rely heavily on in-kind donations of time, material, labor and expertise. If you have anything to contribute, no matter how big or small, please contact one of the HACC members listed at the top of this page. We will be looking for donations in the areas of concrete, asphalt, brick and block, roofing, electric, plumbing, drywall, painting, overhead doors, landscaping, seeding, irrigation, excavation, fencing, bleachers and lighting. If you can donate materials in these areas that would be great. Also donations of time and expertise in these areas will be helpful. The project cost is projected to be $1,160,000. However, this cost does not reflect donations of time and material. We are hoping to complete the project well under budget with your help.
Donor Recognition
Donate $250 or more to have your name on permanent display on the donor recognition wall at the Houston Outdoor Athletic Complex. In addition, Bronze-Level donations start at $500, Silver-Level donations start at $1000, Gold-Level donations start at $2500 and Platinum-Level donations start at $5000. We have convenient payment plans allowing you to donate over a three year period. All donations are tax deductible.
Naming Rights
You may purchase naming rights for the entire complex or for parts of the complex. Please see the table below to see the costs associated with naming rights. All names given to the complex or any part of the complex must be approved by the Hardin-Houston School Board.
Entire Complex
Concession Building
Softball Field
Practice Field
Press Box


Complex Layout


Engraved Brick Paver Project
The Hardin-Houston Athletic Complex Committee is currently selling personalized engraved paver bricks to residents, alumni, and local businesses. The cost of the brick is $50 and will be placed at the front entrance of the building, click here for more information.
Kroger Plus Card and Help the Houston Athletic Complex (It takes less than 5 minutes)

Krogers will donate to the Houston Athletic Complex through their Kroger Community Rewards Program. All you have to do is signup online and use your Plus card. Click here for more details.

2015 Basketball Drop

This years Basketball Drop will take place after the Houston vs Botkins boys basketball game on Friday February 14, 2014. Click here for a form.

Use for your search engine and they will donate to the Athletic Complex

You can go to and click on "Choose a Cause". Type in Houston Athletic Complex Committee and use for your web searches. Each time you search they donate money to the Athletic Complex.


Complex Development Estimates and Timeline
Phase I
Phase I is in progress and is being paid for by the Hardin-Houston Local Schools. The asphalt surface for the track is in place. The all-weather surface will be applied in Spring of 2011. Our teams and community should be able to use the track by May or June.
Elements of Phase I: All-weather track, field event surfacing, perimeter fence around track, seeding and irrigation of field inside of track, subsurface drainage.
Phase II
Phase II will be funded by the Houston Athletic Complex Committee. It will be started as soon as enough money is raised to complete the softball diamond.
Elements of Phase II:
Varsity Softball Field $180,000
Fence and backstops, dugouts, infield conditioner, brick dust, seeding and bleachers
Practice Fields $88,000
Field #1 - Enclosed
Field #2 - Backstop and Baseline fencing
Field #3 - Backstop Only
Restroom, Concession and $350,000
Storage building
Water Service and Sanitary $47,000
Phase III
Phase III will be funded by the Houston Athletic Complex Committee. After we secure enough funding to complete phase II and start the bleachers, phase III will begin.
Elements of Phase III:
Stadium Bleachers $360,000
Stadium Lighting $135,000
Total Project Cost $1,160,000
Completion of Project
The completion of the project is scheduled for Spring of 2015. However, if enough funds are not raised, the completion of the project will be delayed. Likewise, an earlier completion date may result from a successful fundraising campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions
How much will this project cost?
Estimates from Freytag and Associates indicate that the total cost of the outdoor facilities will be approximately 1.16 million dollars. However, with in-kind donations of time and materials, we can greatly reduce this cost.
Will in-kind donations be accepted?
Yes. This will be a big part of this project. We can save a lot of money with donated materials, professional services and labor. Please contact a committee member if you wish to make an in-kind donation.
How will the money be raised?
The Houston Athletic Complex Committee will be soliciting donations from individuals and area businesses. We also be conducting several fundraisers which include our $10,000 ball drop on February 4th and our Houston 5K Classic road race on July 16th.
Who will be handling the money and finances for this large project?
The Community Foundation of Shelby County will be handling the financial aspect of this project. This ensures that the money you donate will be in a safe place and spent properly.
Is my contribution tax deductible?
Yes. All contributions are tax deductible.
Will the all-weather track be open for community use?
Yes. The all-weather track will be open for community members to use.
Will the fields at Hardin be available for use?
No. The school is selling the Hardin property. All of our school events will take place at Houston.
Will the baseball field at Houston be replaced?
No. The baseball field at Houston will remain as our varsity field.