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Spring Sports Awards Program

Houston High School held their Spring Sports Awards Program on Monday, May 15th. Special award winners in girls track were Shelby Ayers with Most Points Field, Hollie Voisard with Most Points Track, and Kaitlyn Ellison with the Wildcat Award. Special award winners in boys track were David Stammen with Most Points Field, Ethan Knouff with Most Points Track, Devyn Ostrander with the Wildcat Award, Cameron Arnold with the Russ Richards Award, and Wesley Jester with the Ryan Mohler Award. Special award winners in baseball were Dylan Hensley with the Best Offensive Player Award, Tristin Freistuhler with the Best Defensive Player Award, and Isaiah Beaver with the Wildcat Award. Special award winners in softball were Jenna Jarrett with the Best Offensive Player Award, Olivia Bowser with the Best Defensive Player Award, and Lydia Lentz with the Wildcat Award. Receiving first team All County recognition in softball were Jenna Jarrett and Sarah Monnier. Olivia Boswer and Addie White received second team All County. Dylan Henlsey received first team All County in baseball. Congratulations to all spring athletes!

Baseball Award Winners: Dylan Hensley (Best Offensive Player), Isaiah Beaver (Wildcat Award), and Tristin Freistuhler (Best Defensive Player)

Softball Award Winners: Jenna Jarrett (Best Offensive Player), Olivia Bowser (Best Defensive Player), and Lydia Lentz (Wildcat Award)

Boys Track Award Winners: David Stammen (Most Points Field), Wesley Jester (Ryan Mohler Award), Ethan Knouff (Most Points Track), Devyn Ostrander (Wildcat Award), and Cameron Arnold (Russ Richards Award)

Girls Track Award Winners: Shelby Ayers (Most Points Field), Kaitlyn Ellison (Wildcat Award), and Hollie Voisard (Most Points Track)

Baseball and Softball All County Recipients: Olivia Bowser (Second Team), Jenna Jarrett (First Team), Dylan Hensley (First team), Addie White (Second Team), and Sarah Monnier (First Team)

Baseball Seniors: Dylan Hensley and Isaiah Beaver

Softball Seniors: Jenna Jarrett and Kaytlyn Riffell

Track Seniors: Caity Falls, Audrey Kittel, Kaitlyn Ellison, Allie Voisard, Tristin Stangel, Cameron Arnold, Quinton Cox, Seth Stoodt, and Devyn Ostrander