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Dodgeball Tournament

The softball team held their annual dodgeball tournament on March 3rd. Twenty-four teams competed for the coveted title of Houston Dodgeball Champions. Limitless Range defeated G.O.A.T. in the finals to complete an undefeated run through the tournament.

2017 Champions Limitless Range. Team members (left to right): Joshuah Douglas, Noah Shoemaker, James DiLullo, Hollie Voisard, Hayden Riesenbeck, Emilee Foster, Howie Ludwig, and Cameron Arnold.

2017 Runner-ups G.O.A.T. Team members (left to right): Jake Pence, Wyatt Poling, Adam Winner, Corey Tingler, Jake Trent (kneeling), Rockelle Anderson, Josh Langenkamp, and Alex Freytag.